Hands full of ideas

Woodcraft is when a prototype, with its essential materiality, its curves and its uniqueness can make a preliminary sketch tangible. When entering the small workshop of the firm, you can breath the care for small things, the different intentions combined together and the passion for well-done jobs and high-quality materials. Falling in love with the matter leads to work wood even beyond job orders, creating objects, templates and ideas. You can see with your own eyes the enthusiastic creation phase; light pen marks on spotless sheets of paper are abandoned here and there on the workbenches, next to raw wood, to remember the customers’ request, their acute mental contribution, their project. The hands of these two passionate workers and friends turn the smartest ideas of architects, designers and companies into reality; starting from the project, the model shapes up and becomes a finished object, ready for the market, manufactured in small series of five or ten up to a maximum of a hundred pieces. And the final product, trust me, will be far higher than your expectations.